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Computer systems and networks play an increasingly critical role in virtually all aspects of business. The cost of downtime is increasingly prohibitive and the need for a comprehensive support infrastructure is never more apparent.

Outsource IT support contracts are aimed directly at companies looking to take a professional approach to IT. Our contracts are paid yearly in advance and offer exceptional value with hourly rates as low as 39 (Option C contract) which allows you to sensibly budget for your IT support.

Manufacturers warranties may ease the burden of expensive repairs but do nothing to address the issues of data security and limit support to individual components rather than your entire network. Our support contracts offer far more including preventative maintenance and remote management.



New Option E contract

10 hours for only


 Including free phone support!



Escalation Procedure for support request incidents






1. Call Outsource IT to log the call and give as much detail about the problem as possible.



Most clients have a single person assigned for reporting IT issues. The more issues they report and troubleshoot the better they get.  



2. With the help of the client, we will attempt to resolve the issue by over the phone. Many requests are resolved this way in a couple of  minutes.


The client MUST be willing to spend a reasonable amount of time assisting with the diagnostics by unplugging cables, reloading software, trying another PC or device etc.



3. If the issue cannot be resolved over the phone, we will connect remotely to the affected equipment and attempt to resolve the problem.



This fixes 9/10 issues so is very efficient for the client and Outsource IT.


4. If the problem cannot be resolved over the phone or by remote control, an on-site visit will be scheduled for the next working day.


Next business day calls are only guaranteed if the incident is logged before midday.