At Outsource IT we provide maintenance services for clients that in most instances do not have a dedicated IT department. Our contracts ensure your computers and network are running smoothly, securely and efficiently. Our maintenance rates are the best in Dublin and unlike many other maintenance companies, there are "no grey areas" where you may find that many of your day to day IT requirements like creating a new user or changing an email address are not covered by the contract and end up as costly extras !

So if you are tired of long hold times, unfriendly service, large IT bills and can live without all the technical jargon. Give us a call and you will be pleasantly surprised.

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Thank you for visiting the website of Outsource IT.  We offer the best value IT maintenance rates in Dublin.






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Top 10 tips to stay safe!


1. Ensure you have a strong Windows password.



2. Be cautious opening emails / attachments.



3. Be careful visiting websites and clicking links.



4. Do not give your information to anyone online.



5. Ensure your Windows firewall is on.



6. Ensure your antivirus is up to date.



7. Ensure your Windows automatic updates are current.



8. Make sure any website you use your credit card on is secure.  Check the webpage has HTTPS at the start of the name to verify it is secure.



9. Do not give your passwords or other data to any person over the telephone unless you trust them explicitly.



10. When visiting a website be VERY wary of any pop up messages that say you are infected with spyware. Generally they will offer some sort of removal software for you to download to clean the infection. This removal software IS the spyware!


Finally, if something looks too good to be true whether in an email or on a website, it normally is.  If you are unsure of anything, please call as removal is very time consuming not to mention costly






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